Jon Morris Volleyball Camp Registration

Registering your team for a Jon Morris Volleyball Camp requires just three steps.

Step 1: Review Jon's calendar to find open dates for your camp.

Available dates fill quickly. Call or email to reserve your camp dates.

Jon Morris
(269) 967-2862

Jon will discuss your goals for the camp, how many paticipents you expect, where you plan to hold the camp (we travel!), and any other relevent details.

Step 2: Complete and Submit Registration Packet

Step 3: Submit Your Registration Fee

  • Fees vary with the specifics of your camp. Contact Jon for specifics.
  • Make checks payable to Jon Morris Volleyball Camp. Include the check with your completed registration packet.
  • When paying by credit/debit card, remember to change the "Quantity" to match your camp's registration fee.

You'll return to this site when your payment is complete.